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Floral Questions

Below are a few floral questions that we are asked on a frequent basis. If you do not see your answer below, please contact us!

Q: Who are your clients?

A: Our couples are excited about the flowers for their wedding and are looking for something creative and unique. They want to have a wonderful experience planning their big day and desire to work with vendors who are just as enthusiastic about their wedding as they are. Couples who are looking to pick a pre-designed package from a catalog or who are only interested in flowers for their wedding because “it’s tradition” aren’t a good fit for The Blue Daisy Floral Designs.

Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: We do! For local weddings (within 1 hour of our studio) for 100 or more guests, our minimum is $8,000 before taxes. For weddings outside of this 1 hour range, our minimum is $10,000 before taxes. These minimums do include applicable service fees, but not PA/Allegheny County Sales Tax. You can expect taxes and services to add up to be approximately 25-30% of your subtotal. If your guest count is less than 100, however, we may be able to be flexible with our minimum!

Corporate and social events have a minimum of $500 before taxes and services unless they are held on a weekend, in which case, wedding minimums apply.

Little Flower a la carte orders for weddings or other events have a minimum of $500 before applicable service fees and taxes. 

Q: How are you different from other wedding florists?

A: As a master florist and professionally trained horticulturalist, I’m deeply passionate about and committed to one thing: designing beautiful arrangements with the highest quality flowers available that makes your Blue Daisy Wedding Experience a total dream. As the creative director at The Blue Daisy, I utilize my unique creative skills and merge them with your unique wedding vision. I’ll connect with you myself to understand your style so we can create your own special blend of wedding day magic.

We pride ourselves on being meticulous when it comes to physically constructing your wedding floral, plus, you have my promise that you won’t see your bouquet on Instagram next week in another bride’s hand!  My education and experience and my well-trained team allow us to create beautiful boutonnieres, centerpieces, and bouquets for our clients, but it also gives me a way to make my corner of the world a happier and more beautiful place through the power of flowers.

Q: When in the wedding planning process should I schedule a consultation?

A: Once you have booked your venue and purchased your dress. These two major elements really influence the style of your wedding day. Once these pieces are in place, we can talk flowers! Generally this is 1 year to 9 months prior to your wedding.

Q: Why is having a floral designer with years of experience creating my flowers so important? 

A: Your wedding day can be filled with emotions, not only joy and elation, but sometimes a few jitters and a little stress. Do you want to worry about your flowers, too?

Often a friend, family member, or coordinator will offer to create your flowers for you at a lower cost. While some of these folks may have professional experience, design space, coolers, and equipment to execute your floral for you, others might not know exactly the time commitment and requirements to successfully create, deliver, and set up quality designs that will last throughout your day. Additionally, if your DIY/newly minted designer is going to be otherwise involved in your wedding day (as a guest, coordinator, etc), asking them to take on the additional responsibility of your wedding flowers will take away from their primary role or their enjoyment of your special day.

Floral design is a “just in time” element to your wedding day. Just as you wouldn’t want your caterer to prepare your food a week, or even a few days in advance of your wedding, our floral team schedules the designing, processing, and delivery of your flowers so that they are at their freshest!  We also have the proper conditioning tools and equipment at the ready (preservatives, cutting tools, buckets, coolers, etc) to keep your flowers thriving throughout your event.  We have the knowledge and fixtures necessary to deliver and set up your designs in a manner that will keep the flowers safe and lush.

If you care about having beautiful floral from start to finish, choosing our professional team will insure a flawless process.  Working with The Blue Daisy Floral team will give you peace of mind and a beautiful result.

Q: So how do you work? What can I expect?

A: The Blue Daisy wedding experience will guide you through three phases of creating the wedding of your dreams. The first step is all about getting on the same page. To start, fill out our Full Service consultation form, and once we have that information, we will make sure we are a great fit to work together. Then we’ll schedule either a phone consultation or an in-person meeting at our studio.

During our 90 minute consult, we’ll discuss your wedding day floral in detail, reviewing your inspiration boards, color schemes, likes, and dislikes. My goal is that by the end of your consult you’ll have a general idea of what your floral will cost. And once you review your formal proposal, we can always make up to 2 revisions to get everything just right before you book (don’t worry, you’ll be able to make changes after booking as well!).

Once we receive your 30% deposit and signed contract, your wedding date will go in the book!

The second step is staying in touch. Between confirming your contract and your wedding day, you’ll connect with me and my team on details. If it will ease your mind, we can even schedule site visits and create mock ups if you don’t mind a few additional fees.

About 1 month from your big day, we’ll connect by phone or in person to go over all the details of your day, confirming changes and making sure we have accurate final numbers. Your final payment will be due 3 weeks before your wedding date.  I’ll also ask for a “day-of” information sheet to be completed, so we get all the delivery and set-up details exactly right. We want to be crystal clear on the final results you expect.

The final piece is your wedding day, and you can trust me and The Blue Daisy team to deliver and set up your flowers exactly as we discussed, using all the specific details we discussed.  We’ll work quickly and professionally. We compare our team to that of a stage crew in a Broadway production- you’ll hardly see us, but you will certainly notice the grand transformation that takes place from a plain venue to YOUR wedding!

Q: I’m really busy and overwhelmed by all the details of my wedding. How much time is involved in the process of creating my floral?

A: When choosing our Full Service option, you’ll be completely supported throughout.

Our initial consults typically last 90 minutes, but you’ll walk away with all the details you need complete your contract and confirm your wedding date.

You might spend a bit more time if you decide to make any changes to your floral after we build out the final details of your designs.

About 1 month before your wedding, you’ll need to provide some additional information about your event day, but that won’t take long – you’ll know all the answers to the questions by then!

We want you to feel completely supported. You get us clear on your vision and we’ll handle all the work and all the details leaving you free to tend to other details and enjoy being engaged!

Q: My wedding is requiring a huge investment! How can I justify this expense?

A: Couples often ask me, “why should we spend so much money on something that isn’t going to last?” And they are right, your physical flowers won’t last much beyond your wedding day.

However, your wedding flowers will be forever preserved in your wedding photos! Photographers take care to get lots of shots of you and your bouquet, your bridal party, and the details of your reception. All of these will come together and be placed in a beautiful wedding album and hung in fancy frames throughout your home for years to come.

Besides this, your flowers truly set the tone for your day- giving life and personality to venues and tying together color schemes. They are more than just a tradition. Your bouquet will be in your hands as you walk down the aisle toward your beloved, you both will be framed by flowers as you say “I do,” and your guests will gather around tables at the reception and your centerpieces will be a topic of conversation during dinner.

Your flowers will help to create and preserve sweet memories for years to come. And those memories are worth the investment.

Q: Can I contact other clients you’ve worked with?

Yes! Just ask and we can provide references.

Q: I’m not quite ready to start planning, but is there a way to see your work?

A: We have an amazing gallery of photos you can review and you can follow @thebluedaisyfloral on Instagram to see current work and interact with us!

Q: How do I set up a consultation with you?

A: Just fill out our Contact form and we’ll share all the details with you!

Q: I picked up my Little Flower order. Now what?

A: We have plenty of pick up, transportation & care instructions, as well as helpful tutorial videos on our Little Flower Information page!

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