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Bouquet Preservation

Everything you need to know

We sometimes get asked about bouquet preservation for our wedding clients. While we are unable to offer this service ourselves, we have a few vendor friends that we highly recommend! We asked them a few questions about what they do so you have all the information you need. Bouquet Preservation is a great way to have a memento from your wedding for years to come!

Eaux Studio

First, is Eaux Studio! Read on to find out more about Olive and her process of creating gorgeous bouquet replicas on canvas.

How does your bouquet preservation process work? What is your turnaround time?

  1. Quote. Complete the Bouquet Preservation Painting quote form with as many details as you’d like.
  2. Select materials.  I’m happy to discuss your vision and provide my artistic opinion.
  3. Share photos. The photos will aid in the composition of the painting, with some artistic freedom.
  4. Initial invoice.  I will request a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the cost, covering materials and painting time.
  5. Painting process. I will share photos with you as I go so you can provide feedback throughout the process.
  6. Final stages. You will approve the final image to be varnished and submit the remaining non-refundable payment before I ship your finished canvas.
  7. Lead time. Please allow 8-12 weeks from the initial invoice for me to finish and ship your painting.

How did you get started in bouquet preservation?

While previously working with The Blue Daisy Floral Designs, I reconnected with my passion for creativity in the medium of flora. I sketched in between work and eventually built a full collection of floral art prints. Around this time, friends and family were getting married and painting their bouquets turned into a beautiful and personal way to preserve a memento from their big day. Since then, I have expanded my offerings from pen and paper to various sizes of canvas. 

What is your favorite thing about bouquet preservation?

My favorite part of bouquet preservation is simply capturing a moment in time – something that can be shared with loved ones and even passed down through generations. I love capturing the details of the flowers – the same flower can look so different depending on its surroundings. 

Why should wedding clients preserve their wedding flowers? 

Bouquets were originally used as a symbol of new beginnings, hope, fidelity and fertility, and eventually transformed to communicate romantic sentiments through their individual meanings. Today, bouquet preservations make for sentimental gifts and can be a token of the memories made on a wedding day or even a reminder in your home about your commitment. I like to think of the bouquet painting as a collection of all these traditions. 

How can wedding clients book your services? 

Wedding clients and their family or friends can book my services through the Bouquet Preservation Painting Quote form on my website: https://www.eaux.studio/quote. The form will capture important details like your contact information and the initial direction you’d like the painting to go. 

How far in advance should clients book with you?

The wonderful thing about a painted bouquet preservation is that it is never too late to book. Given that I work from images of the bouquet, if clients are looking for an identical replica of the bouquet from the wedding day, I suggest clients book my services for anniversaries, birthdays, or other special events after the wedding itself. The bouquet preservation process can be completed from start to finish in up to 3 months, depending on the requested size and style of the painting. 

What do you want potential clients to know?

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with clients and turn their vision into a magical reality. I offer paintings from one (1) single canvas to a series of three (3) canvases. If there are any details that they would like to be included on the painting, please share them with me – from the married name to wedding date, each request has a unique meaning.

To contact Olive: Request a quote on her website, call 412.770.7161, or email eauxstudio@gmail.com

White Jasmine Lab

Next up is White Jasmine Lab! Learn more about their process of creating bespoke resin art pieces with dried flowers.

How does your bouquet preservation process work? What is your turnaround time?

1. Bouquet Analysis. Before we begin any custom designs, we will first plan to either collect your bouquet at our studio after your wedding (Bouquet Drop Off), or view photos of your past wedding florals in order to identify & special-order the same flowers you carried (Bouquet Remake). With both of these options, we shape the upcoming preservation timeline based on each specific order, then proceed to the floral drying process.
2. Drying the flowers. To preserve the floral features of your bouquet, we use a granulated mineral called silica gel. This specialized drying process preserves each bloom as the silica dries the flowers thoroughly. Some color variation may occur throughout this process, but in general we are able to retain the original shapes and colors of most flowers. Once the blooms are ready, we apply a UV protectant to seal in the natural color.
3. Layering the resin. Each batch of epoxy resin is carefully mixed by hand and poured over your delicately arranged flowers. Blooms will be suspended in layers of clear resin, as if they were perfectly frozen in glass.
4. Finish & polish. When the resin piece is removed from the mold, we finish it by carefully sanding sharp edges, adding a shiny top coat, and polishing to perfection. Then, our team packages it for pick-up at our studio or delivery.

Orders can take 6 months to complete from start to finish. Some pieces take a shorter amount of time depending on the shape of the item and types of flowers in the piece.

How can wedding clients book your services? 

Place an order on our website for the preservation pieces you would like. You will be able to select bouquet drop off for the first business day after your wedding or a bouquet remake. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email that includes instructions on how to schedule a drop-off appointment for your flowers.

How far in advance should clients book with you?

It is always a good idea to book ahead! We recommend booking within one year of your wedding date in order to secure your spot on our calendar. Most weekends in the months between April-October will be booked to capacity within 2 months of the wedding date. If your wedding was a few years ago, we can also do a bouquet remake. These make wonderful anniversary gifts! We recommend booking a remake at least 6 months out from when you will need it.

To contact White Jasmine Lab: Place an order online, call 412.361.4141, or email whitejasminelab@gmail.com

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