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Centerpiece Types: Low and High Centerpieces

What you need to know before meeting with your wedding florist

Low and high centerpieces gold Dorado compote Pointview Hall wedding

Let’s face it- planning a wedding is like receiving a degree in a matter of months. There is so much to learn! My mission as a florist is to educate our couples so that they feel comfortable with their decisions and the price they are paying. And most importantly- I want them to be excited about their wedding flowers- not overwhelmed. So this week, in my on-going (albeit sporadic) series of “What Your Florist Wants you to Know”, I’ll be discussing low and high centerpiece types and what you need to know before meeting with your wedding florist.

Low Centerpieces

Generally Low Centerpieces do not go by any other name, though there is great variety within the category. Low centers are favored because they often do not block the view of guests across the table (a request we hear often) and are sometimes easier on the budget. They can come in many shapes, sizes and variations, but my favorite is in a compote style vessel. Compotes are vases that have a bowl for the floral on top with a foot at the base. This creates visual interest, elevates the floral decor a bit, and allows for movement and grace. It is a classic design. You might consider all low centerpieces if your venue has low ceilings, your event is outdoors in a windy location, your vision is more casual/laid back, or you want to keep your budget in check.

Low Centerpiece Cost Considerations

Low centerpieces can vary greatly in cost (especially between florists) depending on the size, quantity of flowers and types of flowers used. The ones you see here range in price from $95-115 with a rented vase. We do offer the option to purchase the vase as well.

High or Tall Centerpieces

High or tall centerpieces are your show stoppers! Venues that have high ceilings and/or call for a more grand-scale of design are the perfect occasion for these. Think hotel ballrooms, historic locations, and events with 15 or more guest tables (depending on the layout). Tall centers help to carry the eye throughout the room and draw the eye up. Our lowest “high” center is about 30″ tall. They can go up to 5′ or more!

There are a multitude of bases, vases, or stands that can be used for tall centerpieces ranging from clear glass (modern or romantic) to various styles of metal. Consider your overall look, the venue style, and the scale of your event when choosing the base. Just be sure that the scale of the florals on top are proportionate to the base. For example, you might love our 37″ Milan vases (pictured below), but if your budget does not allow for the large floral needed to balance the height, consider a lower alternative.

High Centerpiece Cost Considerations

Tall centerpieces start around $275 for the lower, smaller scale varieties and can go up to $500 or more depending on the size and types of flowers used. Adding a lot of greenery and a few blooms does not always dramatically decrease the cost of centerpieces. It takes a lot more greenery to fill in than it would several hydrangea!

Also keep in mind that the cost of tall or high centerpieces factors in more than just the flowers themselves. Many require more mechanics (chicken wire, dishes, and maybe floral foam) and are labor intensive to create. Your florist also needs to have the room to store and transport these larger designs. Finally, set up on site is more than just “set and go” like low centers. These toppers are heavy and staff must hoist them up onto the bases. Once up, each needs to be “fluffed” or edited to fix anything that shifted or broke during transport and fill in any holes that might be visible to the guests.

Another addition to your table with tall centerpieces is candles. If your base is taller than 24″, I highly recommend using taller candles in conjunction. Nothing looks less complete than a naked two feet or more between the flowers and the table. Look closely at the photos below to see what I mean.

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we will share more information on other centerpiece options like candle heavy centerpieces and greenery centerpieces.

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