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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

When it comes to how to choose your wedding colors, there are several factors that should be considered. This might be the most exciting part of planning your wedding- or the most daunting. I’m here to break it down for you and simplify the process. Your wedding colors can be easily determined with just three factors:

  1. Your venue(s)
  2. The time of year of your wedding
  3. Your current wardrobe and home décor

Your Venue(s)

This is a bit of a “chicken and egg” question. Perhaps you already know the colors you simply MUST have. Then you need to suit your venue to them. However, most couples do not have the luxury of choosing whatever venue fits their fancy- usually due to availability or budget. So I recommend getting that venue contract signed first and then refine your color palette. Things to consider include:

What color are the walls?

What color is the flooring?

Is there any artwork in the space?

What is the lighting like in the space?

Once you’ve considered these aspects, I recommend that you take a look at as many photos of the space decorated for weddings as possible. This might be the single best use for Instagram. Use the location’s geotag and hashtag to start. This will give you a range of images to see what looks good or does not look good in the space. 

Time of Year

From the florist’s perspective, this is significant. Rust colors are all the rage right now, but trying to get rust colored flowers in April is near impossible (it can be near impossible in October too, but that’s another blog post for another day). There is a reason why we think of pastels in spring, bold hues in summer, sunset tones in fall and crisp cool colors in the winter. Seasonal color trends are inspired by nature, no doubt. Therefore, the most widely available blooms also follow seasonal trends. Don’t try to force nature. Work with it. 

Your Wardrobe and Home Décor

A wedding is no time to suddenly develop a new style ethos in your life. If you’re a well-tailored blazer and crisp ironed shirt person or a fringe and macrame person now, let that speak through your wedding style. And please, by all means, consult with your partner on this! If I may offer a bit of marriage advice here- planning a wedding together is a wonderful way to navigate blending your two personalities together. It’s an experience that will teach you much about life together as a couple. So open both of your closets. What color trend(s) are there? Black and white? Tons of bold colors and patterns? Earth tones all over? Now look at your living spaces. See any stories being told? Bring that into your wedding. And what cannot be done with flowers, pull in with linens and paper goods.

Bring it all Together

These three factors do not work independently. Consider all three together to reach a final decision.

And finally, at all costs, do not pin yourself to a specific shade of any specific color. “I MUST have roses that match my Chianti (or Merlot, or Shiraz, or whatever wine red the dress company is selling this year) bridesmaids dresses!” Allow your colors some breathing room up and down their hues. Interplay some accent colors. Bring some life into your palette; don’t let it be stagnant with just two unmoving colors. 

Selecting your wedding colors is a very personal decision. They set the tone for your day and evoke the emotions that you and your guests will feel. Your “vibe.” They’ll also be on your walls in photos for years to come.

Still overwhelmed and need help? We LOVE color. When you’re ready to schedule your Full Service floral consultation with us, we can take the information you provide us on the above factors and help you come up with a unique and perfect palette for your wedding day! 

Photography Credits

Tuck’d Inn Farm wedding: Abbie Tyler Photography
SLATE wedding: Lex King Photography
Fox Chapel Golf Club wedding: Rachel Rowland Photography

Artistic fall wedding bouquet: Hot Metal Studio
Classic white and greenery bouquet: Eva Lin Photography
Bright summer bouquet: Palermo Photo

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