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Homecoming Flowers

Everything you need to know to order with confidence 

We are frequently met with moms, dads, and students who ask “how do I know what color flowers to order for Homecoming?” Often, the dates do not know what the outfit colors are or they have only a little information such as “their dress is green” or “their suit is blue” but no specifics on what shade of the color it might be, if it has beading or other accents, etc. And it is common that photos aren’t the exact representation of the true color. 

So, how do you match your flowers to your homecoming attire? 

Simple. You don’t. In our experience, it is best to share as much information that you have with us regarding the outfits. Even if it isn’t much. Our trained professional florists (and color experts!) can make excellent suggestions on what flowers will complement the attire- even if the description isn’t exact. This way, the flowers will coordinate with your attire like the perfect accessory! 

We strongly recommend that our clients DO NOT try to “match” anything specifically. Fabric and flowers are going to read differently. While careful breeding over the years has produced a lot of floral color options, chances are, there is not a bloom that matches the fabric exactly. This is why we highly recommend going for coordinating colors rather than attempting the impossible with a true color match. We look for colors that will pop against the dress or suit but also complement it. If your flowers are the same color, they’ll blend in and get lost. We want to work with our clients to have a cohesive, unique final product that ties the whole look together!

Therefore, to make the most impact and ensure a cohesive but visually pleasing look, we use color theory and our knowledge of available florals to create wearable art that will look amazing in person and in photos. 

You can also share words such as “boho,” “elegant,” “sparkly,” or other adjectives that might give us an idea of the feeling or vibe for the pieces. That is, if you have that information.

Another common question that we get is “who should be ordering the Homecoming flowers?” 

Traditionally, the guy would purchase a corsage to present to his date and the gal would purchase a boutonniere for her date. They would be exchanged when the guy arrives to pick up his date for the dance. He would place the corsage on his date’s left wrist (or lapel back in the day when corsages were worn on the dress). She would then pin her date’s boutonniere on his left jacket lapel. 

Now, it is much more common for both a corsage and boutonniere to be ordered together. This alleviates any confusion about who should be ordering what and ensures that the couple has both pieces. We have also made room for more options and flexibility around these traditions! We offer handheld bouquets and orders aren’t limited to just a single corsage and a single boutonniere. Whatever the needs of the students, we’ve got you covered! 

If you’d prefer to stick to tradition and order separately, just let us know! This is exactly why we include space for extra information when you order online. Let us know who’s ordering which piece and we will make sure they coordinate! 

And if you’re just not sure, give us a call and one of our designers will be happy to help! We can answer any additional questions and provide our expert advice to guide you on what will work best. 

Ready to order your flowers for Homecoming? Head to our website to place an order online or give us a call during business hours to speak to one of our expert designers who is excited to make the perfect wrist cuff corsage, boutonniere, or floral accessory for you!

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