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In Defense of the Trendy Wedding

Tbh, I’m a pearls and and cardigan kind of girl. I drove a 1955 Ford Fairlane in high school and carried vintage purses. But I also love me a good on-trend-fashion-color of the year coat and a geometric copper ceremony structure dripping with mustard-colored garden roses. 

Designing a trendy (or trend-setting!) wedding is, of course, FUN! And who knows, we could be creating the new classic. The trick here is creating a wedding that is truly you and your love, not just what Pinterest tells you to be.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your florist when playing with trend:

  1. Do flowers exist in this color during the time of year I’m getting married? Hint: when you think of “seasonal” colors, they were originally inspired by nature. So can we get burgundy in April? Yes. Is it as plentiful and natural as in October, no.
  2. Does it make sense with my venue? I’m all for a good juxtaposition, but let’s be careful about going into Pittsburgh’s historic Omni William Penn Grand Ballroom and stringing Smilax hither and thither. Choose a venue that allows the style to express itself naturally!
  3. Did every one of your friends use the same geometric metal stand at their weddings this summer? Give your guests something new to look at! Ask your florist how you can translate the trend to something that no one has seen before. We love the challenge and welcome the opportunity to do something different!
  4. Is it comfortable for your guests? Visually and physically. I once had a bride tell me she wanted to find a balance between trend and tradition because she didn’t want her guests to feel out of place at their wedding. I thought that was wise! It is YOUR wedding, but if most of your guests are old-school Great-Aunt Ethel types, finding a sweet spot between might be the best way to go. 
  5. Can I afford it? Be realistic with yourself and be willing to compromise. Greenery isn’t as cheap as The Knot will tell you and those flower walls aren’t so easy to DIY (or transport!)!

Here are some photos of our work that I would consider beautifully Trendy or Trend-Setting. What do you think?

Photo Credits (L-R):

Row 1 Levana Melamed Photography, Jess Vogelsang Photography

Row 2 Lauren Renee Photography, Leeann Marie Photography

Row 3 Levana Melamed Photography, Levana Melamed Photography, Maria Palermo Photography, Veronica Varos

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