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Navigating your Wedding Flowers and COVID-19

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Whew! What a roller-coaster we are on. One day we’re going about our business and almost over night we are social distancing and changing all the plans we thought we had for Spring 2020. 

For many of you, that includes postponing your wedding. Let’s just take a moment to recognize the magnitude here.

You’ve been planning this day for months, maybe years. And here you are, almost to the finish line and mere weeks away from ‘I do’ and a flipping pandemic?! 

So on top of trying to figure out how you’re going to do your job from home, or losing your job, or having to go into battle as a health care professional and face this down every day (THANK YOU isn’t enough!), you’ve got to scramble and move a wedding.

It’s like you’re the Titanic. The iceberg came out of nowhere and you’ve got to steer this big ass ship around it. And really, you just want to kiss 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio (aka, your fiancé) and move on blissfully with life.

It’s not over yet. But, at this point, you’ve done everything you can to reschedule. You’ve hopefully retained all of your vendors. Now you just wait this thing out until your new date arrives and pray for a vaccine. What do you do in the meantime? We’ve put together a little guide on how to navigate your wedding flowers and COVID-19.

Here are some tips from the florist’s perspective:

I hope you know that we at The Blue Daisy Floral Designs deeply care for our couples. We are absolutely heart broken that you have to wait to be married. To have to postpone the celebration of your love is gut-wrenching. We are absolutely grateful, however, that you have chosen to postpone, not cancel. And we will be with you every step of the way until you finally walk down the aisle. We just ask that you love us back however you can too. 

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If you are opting for a smaller wedding this year, please check out our Little Flower by The Blue Daisy Floral Designs option. We offer pick-up wedding flowers with a streamlined process and the beautiful designs you know and love.

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