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Top 12 Favorite Bridal Bouquets

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This blog topic sounded like a wonderful idea… until I had to comb through nearly 10 years of bridal bouquets (maybe 300 in total) in my mind and on my hard drive to narrow it down! Why 12? That is as far as I could narrow it down.

In truth, my favorite bouquets have evolved over time and change every day. Really, it does not matter one bit what my favorites are. Each bouquet I design is so very special because it is created specifically for the person who is going to carry it. Flowers are chosen because they are sentimental to you. Colors that you have long dreamed of for your wedding day. And shape and texture that are an extension of your personality.

So here I present to you, the 12 bouquets that I could most narrow down and call my favorite… today! Which one do you like best?

white greenery bridal bouquet bride Pittsburgh wedding florist
Hannah Hicks Photography
bride holding colorful bridal bouquet greenery pittsburgh wedding florist
Lauren Renee Designs
bride holding bridal bouquet Pittsburgh wedding florist
Dawn Derbyshire Photography
bride holding funky greenery orange fall bridal bouquet Pittsburgh wedding florist
Caitlin Thomas Photography
bride holding colorful fall bridal bouquet greenery garden roses texture pittsburgh wedding florist
Levana Melamed Photography
springtime bridal bouquet photography pink white flowers Pittsburgh wedding florist
Jen McKen Photography
Levana Melamed Photography
modern bride holding hot pink greenery bridal bouquet pittsburgh wedding florist
Leeann Marie Photography
bride holding moody fall bridal bouquet pittsburgh wedding florist
Christina Montemurro Photography
bride holding colorful purple springtime bridal bouquet Pittsburgh wedding florist
Megan McGreevy Photography
bride holding textural winter bridal bouquet white flowers greenery pinecones pittsburgh wedding florist
Haley Elizabeth Photography
bride holding funky textural green orange red yellow bridal bouquet Pittsburgh wedding florist
Michael Will Photography

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