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When to Book Your Wedding Florist

When do you book your wedding florist? When planning a wedding, there is a lot of information out there and it’s not all consistent. And sometimes, it is because the answer isn’t the same for every vendor or in every location. But here are the simple facts about when you should reach out to your favorite wedding florist to secure a date.

1. Once you have your venue contract(s) signed


Without a date secured, your florist will not be able to tell you if they are available to service your wedding. Pricing can also fluctuate around holidays and at different times of the year. For these reasons, a florist won’t be able to give you accurate pricing and likely won’t be willing to spend the time on a quote if they aren’t sure if they are available for the job. 

Without a venue, a florist will not know what items you need to complete your vision. They also won’t be able to accurately price labor charges for set up and delivery as these can vary based on the venue. 

2. No more than 18 months prior to your wedding 


This is where things can change between specific florists. Some will entertain meetings as much as 2 years out. However, most seasoned florists know that there are A LOT of things that can change, including flower pricing, in that large amount of time. If you do secure a florist more than 18 months in advance, expect a contract clause that says pricing can change based on market conditions. Truthfully, this is likely to be in a floral contract regardless of when you book. If this clause makes you uncomfortable, speak directly to the florist and ask what their policy and procedure is in the case of price increases. 

3. No less than 6 months out from your wedding


Of course if something happens and you NEED a florist less than 6 months out (your date changes due to outstanding circumstances, you’re eloping and do not need a ton of flowers, your booked florist can no longer service your wedding (yikes!)), by all means, reach out! Most florists will be happy to try to accommodate you if they can. However, do not wait until this point if you can avoid it. Most florists can only service a limited number of events in one weekend. Also, there is a good deal of planning and prep that goes into your floral proposal and the florist will want time to secure any hardgoods and labor needed to be successful.

If you’re ready to book your wedding florist, check out our Full Service and Little Flower options 

HERE. We’d love to chat and see how we can serve you on your wedding day!

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