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Centerpiece Types: Alternative options

Last week we talked in depth about high and low centerpiece options. You’ve made it through level 1 of Centerpiece Options in the What Your Florist Wants You to Know series! Let’s move on to Alternative centerpiece types, shall we? “Wait! What? There’s more?!” You ask? Yes, my friend… read on!

Candle Heavy Centerpieces

Candle heavy centerpieces can be a great way to balance the budget and give romance to a room. These can be as simple as a trio of cylinders with pillar candles and a trio of small votives (our least expensive centerpiece coming in at $39 each) to a full rectangle table of candles down the center accompanied by votives, greenery, small arrangements, and/or bud vases.

Candle Centerpiece Cost Considerations

Remember, candles are not “cheap” necessarily. We rent our cylinder vases with a pillar candle for $10.00 each. This cost includes the rental of the glassware (which must be cleaned before and after each use, stored, and often replaced from breakage), the pillar candle itself, and the labor to set each up on site. Loading in boxes and boxes of glassware and pillar candles is a lot of work!

The cost of Candle Centerpieces can vary greatly depending on how many candles you’d like and the extent of additions of greenery and florals.


Greenery is on-trend. It can give a boho look to a farm or round table or add a simplistic whimsy to any event. While this type of centerpiece can be beautiful, it also typically makes a florist want to cry when s/he hears “I just want a greenery runner to save money.” Let me debunk this myth right now. Greenery is not cheaper. Some greenery is inexpensive- yes. And that’s not generally the greenery you want down your table. Also, whether it is garlands bound together or “loose” stems, the labor is intensive.

Greenery Centerpiece Cost Considerations

Greenery runners for long tables generally start around $25/foot depending on the type of greenery used and how thick or wide it will be. The fuller the garland, the more greenery, the more expensive. “Loose” greenery laid on the table is just as costly as it takes a great deal of time to make it look good on site. Sure, we can just scatter willy-nilly on a table quickly- but if you want a professional florist to do it, that is not how it will be done. It’s just not how we operate.

Other considerations for greenery: How long is your table? Do you want the greenery to run end to end, drape off the table, or just take up the middle? If the tables are rectangles, are guests sitting at the ends? If so, plan to leave 1.5-2′ of room for their place settings/glassware/etc. Do you want candles amongst the greenery (like the example below)? Florals? If it is for your head table, consider renting vases for your bridesmaids bouquets to go down the length of the table to add a pop of color. Don’t worry- we’ll discuss all of theses details and more with you at your consultation!

Alternatives to the Alternatives

Not into glamorous high centers, greenery runners, masses of candles, or low compotes of florals? You’re in luck! There are some other options you might consider- some in-betweens.


Branches can give a fun, textural look and add a little height without being too overwhelming. Consider manzanita trees with candles hanging from them or a vase with curly willow and a touch of floral. Here too, pricing can range depending on the extent of the decor.


Consider adding a touch of fruit to your table for a pop of non-floral color. Perhaps it is vases of lemons, limes, and oranges or cut figs for detailing. Just be sure to think of your venue (do you want cut fruit on your tables outside in the summer? The flies may love it, but your guests perhaps not). Also, included in your florists quote for placing fruit, remember that there is washing, sticker removal, and choosing only the prettiest pomegranates that goes into that price.

fruit accents alternative centerpiece types

Of course centerpiece options are as vast as the Nile is long, but this should give you a few ideas to start your planning with. And don’t forget- as your florist, we are here to help and guide you through the process of choosing what is right for your vision, venue, and budget.

If you missed the low and high centerpieces portion of this series check it out here!

If you’re ready to start discussing options for your wedding or party, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation, just click the button below for your celebration type!

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